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Those who love reading books will make frequent visits to the bookshop and library. Several literary events are held every year to encourage book lovers to read more books. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss.

BookExpo America

It is one of the biggest book festivals of the year. There will be discussions, exhibitions, author’s panels, book signings, and lots more. If you are lucky you can meet your favourite author, and get a book signed by him or her. It is a massive gathering of authors, readers, and publishers.

Hay Festival of the Arts

This event takes place in Wales and is worth visiting. The event will encourage you to read books and entertain you with various exhibitions. Every year there is a specific theme for the festival and you will find books according to them.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

There will be literary events, exhibitions and a chance to meet authors. The event started in 1983 and now takes place every year. You will find books from all over the world here.

If you are a book lover, you must attend these events. You will get the chance to buy some of the best books and meet the authors as well.